Buying a first property

Buying a first property

Buying a property, be it a primary acquisition, a secondary good or even a rental investment, this is not done without preparation. More informations : You will visit several properties, question your finances, study the costs that prevail in the industry. But also take insurance and you commit to the long term. Before starting your research, it is best to prepare your activity plan and check that you have not forgotten anything. A property purchase is a capital purchase in a lifetime, often the most financially important.

Finance your real estate purchase

Several pieces must be provided so that the bank can study a mortgage file every time you are a new buyer: the identity documents and relating to the personal situation of the buyers; property records, such as the last two tax records, the last pay slips and also the December slips from the last calendar year, in addition to proof of personal contribution; the components relating to the real estate project, that is to say the compromise or the guarantee of sale, the construction or reservation contract, or the building permit of the house. Discover villas for sale 06 . It should be noted that for first-time homebuyers wishing to benefit from zero-interest financing, rental receipts can also be requested to show that this is the very first real estate purchase. The home equity loan is a loan that can be obtained by buyers who have started a home-ownership savings plan or savings plan, with savings being blocked for four years. This loan often offers advantageous conditions for the holders of an ELP. There are other types of loans for first-time homebuyers such as loan agreement, home equity loan, home equity loan or APL homeownership.

Real estate specialist

To call on a real estate specialist is to benefit from several assets. Indeed, the professional will use his experience to meet the demand of his client. He will use his network of connections to select potential suppliers and discover the offers that best meet the expectations of their client. When the future buyer has selected some supplies, the real estate agent will arrange the visits and will oversee the closing process of the purchase. He will also be responsible for the execution of the administrative procedures concerning the acquisition.

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